Team Coaching Services

Team coaching is one of the most effective ways to create results in your organization. Working in a group model rather than individually enables practice of communication skills, development of shared understanding, and improved group functioning. 

The team coaching model I use is research-validated on more than 200 teams and has been applied successfully in a variety of industries. Based on the six defining factors for successful team functioning, this model can create evident and lasting positive change in your team’s functioning. 

Our initial consultation will focus on uncovering your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and a customized assessment process will uncover the greatest points of leverage for a team coaching intervention. We will work together to build a strong team foundation and increase your team’s productivity and capacity to solve problems together. 

Team coaching programs are tailored to your needs and can take place in person or virtually. Consistent meetings will help the team gain skills and maintain those gains. 

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Thank you very much for the team coaching you provided for our team at Growth Foundry. 

The program was presented in a professional yet easy-to-understand and apply format. Your explanations were cogent and compelling. The feedback from the team was that it was one of the most valuable experiences they’ve engaged in.

There were many things that I found useful, but maybe the most important was your explanation of creating psychological safety and your modeling of the behavior and process. It allowed me to see how my own behavior contributes to the team’s behavior and how creating a safe space at work, is something I might have disregarded entirely before hearing you explain the value and watching you demonstrate it.

The feedback from the team was that this was the first experience where they felt heard and like there was a way to move forward that would help everyone work cohesively and more easily together.

While the coaching is still fairly recent, I can already see a very positive change in the way people relate to one another and a proactive effort to create a safe space to think and speak. I feel like the team is moving forward in a new, more supportive way.

We’ve done many traditional teambuilding and communication training programs over the years and yours stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks again for adding something significant to the growth of our team. I hope we can continue applying these lessons effectively for years to come.

Dave Lakhani

CEO, Growth Foundry Digital