Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching is a 1:1 coaching framework aimed at creating a comfortable space for an executive to test out ideas, share insights, and generate new solutions. 

I utilize a model of vertical development in work; aimed at helping the executive grow themselves as they grow their leadership. This model relies on conversations and experiences that provoke personal transformation, as well as sharing of knowledge to bolster leadership skills. 

I have been offering executive coaching services since 2001 and have worked with hundreds of Senior executives in that time, in both the private and public sector. 

Executive coaching is offered virtually. Consistent meetings are recommended in order to make gains and retain them. 

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Hi, I’m Dr. Irena O’Brien of The Neuroscience School. I worked with Rachna as my coach when I was first developing this program and our work together helped me put in place a solid foundation for success.

Today I have a successful business teaching neuroscience to coaches and helping professionals. I have partnerships with well known companies in the coaching space; and my income has grown to over six figures in the past year.

Rachna’s suggestions, advice, and encouragement pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me find what I’m really good at. I love my business and am excited about its potential.

Thank you, Rachna, for the huge effect you’ve had on my life and business. I couldn’t have achieved this without your help.

Irena O' Brien, Ph.D.

CEO, The Neuroscience School