About Me

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology
  • Board Certified Executive Coach
  • Senior Leadership Development Strategist for an organization where I successfully train and coach hundreds of Senior Executives and leadership teams per year
  • Advanced Practitioner, 6 Team Conditions
  • Highly rated as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator
  • Certified in Hogan Suite, EQi-2, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Team Effectiveness Survey, Team Diagnostic Survey.
  • Team Coaching Certified through Brown University.
  • Quoted in more than 500 major media publications, including: Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Washington Post, among many others.
  • 23 years of experience in executive coaching and leader development. Often described as brilliant.

Hi! I’m Dr. Rachna Jain, psychologist & board certified executive coach. I’m glad to meet you!

The interplay of human psychology and behavioral change has always intrigued me. It’s probably why I studied psychology, and the positive and forward moving approach of coaching suits my personality- so I combined the best of both worlds in pursuing a career in the area of psychology-based executive coaching.

I’ve been working as a psychologist-coach since 2001, and have now worked with hundreds of Senior Executives, leadership teams, and organizations in both the private and public sector.

I bring a deep understanding of human motivation and effective leadership development approaches to help leaders and teams function better.

I’ve worked in a variety of professional settings with a diverse group of clientele. Distilling these thousands of hours of work experience into usable frameworks provides me a broad base to work with when helping my clients problem-solve around tough challenges.

Clients enjoy working with me because of my warmth, intelligence, and relentless focus on their goals. While I’m gentle in my approach, I’m direct in my communication. I will help you decide the best course of action and will support you in taking those actions, even when it’s difficult or painful.

Growth and change are rarely easy, but the results are always worth it.