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Hi! I’m Dr. Rachna Jain, psychologist & executive coach. I’m glad to meet you!

The interplay of human psychology and behavioral change has always intrigued me. It’s probably why I studied psychology, and the positive and forward moving approach of coaching suits my personality- so I combined the best of both worlds in pursuing a career in the area of psychology-based executive coaching.

I’ve been working as a psychologist-coach since 2001, and have worked with hundreds of clients since that time, helping them achieve their goals related to business growth and self-fulfillment. My clients have grown their revenue, become more confident, and improved their well-being.

Clients like working with me because of my deep understanding of human motivation and my practical strategies for helping people make lasting change.

I’ve worked in a variety of professional settings with a diverse group of clientele. Distilling these thousands of hours of work experience into usable frameworks provides me a broad base to work with when helping my clients problem-solve around tough challenges.

Clients enjoy working with me because of my warmth, intelligence, and relentless focus on their success, happiness and well-being. While I’m gentle in my approach, I’m direct in my communication. I will help you decide the best course of action and will support you in taking those actions, even when it’s difficult or painful.

In my non-work time, I’m an avid photographer and artist. I have a working studio in my home which allows me to work in metal, wood, and glass. My photography has been exhibited regionally and has achieved recognition online.

When we work together, I am committed to your success in building an impactful and meaningful life.

As far as my own professional accomplishments, here’s the short list:

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Certified Leadership and Resilience Coach

Board Certified Coach

Skilled in assessment of individuals and teams

Expertise in individual executive coaching as well as team coaching

Quoted in more than 500 major media publications, including: Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Washington Post, among many others.

Named one of the top small business bloggers by

Well regarded as a speaker and consultant – consistently rated as one of the top two speakers at events where I present

Successfully coached more than 1,000 clients during career to date

Developed and created
curriculum for four well-known
coach training schools

Author of five books, including a #1 bestseller on Amazon

These are just a few of my achievements.

I am never quite sure about how much to say about myself, because after all, the focus of our work together is you, not me. Still, I hope this brief glimpse into my areas of expertise and achievement will help you make a decision about whether my talents and knowledge would be an asset to your business.

I work best with clients who want to partner with me to help them be successful; and who are open to ideas and suggestions that can help them improve their results. I hope this gives you a sense of who I am and what I bring to our working relationship.

I was lucky enough to work with Rachna as a coach as part of a mastermind so when it came time to get some one-on-one help, I knew exactly who to ask. Her unique and deep knowledge in diverse areas of business really helped me hone in on what was really happening in my business and within me that was creating a stuck point. Her keen insight coupled with her direct and truth-telling approach yields immediate insights and do-able implementation.

I hired Rachna to help me optimize my profit systems. With one small tool and tweak, in the first quarter of working together I was able to increase my income 3X my monthly coaching investment with this change alone. Her pragmatic approach is exactly what my business needed. Every meeting is not only enjoyable but immediately actionable in multiple ways.

Paula Gregorowicz


I chose to work with Rachna as my first-ever business coach because I was ready to ‘step up’ and open the space for even bigger growth in my business and myself. Since partnering with Rachna, I have launched a killer marketing campaign for my signature 6-week online Tarot course with 6x my previous enrolments. I’ve also created two new products from already-existing products.

Rachna is highly professional, focused and committed to helping me make the most out of my business, while also being personable, warm and encouraging – everything I want in a coach!

Brigit Esselmont


Hi, I’m Dr. Irena O’Brien of The Neuroscience School. I worked with Rachna as my coach when I was first developing this program and our work together helped me put in place a solid foundation for success.

Today I have a successful business teaching neuroscience to coaches and helping professionals. I have partnerships with well known companies in the coaching space; and my income has grown to over six figures in the past year. Rachna’s suggestions, advice, and encouragement pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me find what I’m really good at.

I love my business and am excited about its potential. Thank you, Rachna, for the huge effect you’ve had on my life and business. I couldn’t have achieved this without your help.

Dr. Irena O'Brien

CEO, The Neuroscience School

Why Work With Me?

When we decide to work together, you get the benefit of my education, experience and expertise completely focused on you and your goals.